Q4 2017 Spotify  - The Song Remains the Same

Spotify launches ‘Spotlight,’ a new podcast format with visual elements

Spotify reaches 70 million subscriber

    Spotify files to go public

    Bankers Begone! Spotify to Get Clearance for an ‘Underwriter-Less’ IPO

    Spotify value hits at least US$19B before NYSE filing: Report

    Spotify and Tencent take minority stakes in each other’s business

    Spotify, Like Google, Wants to Reinvent the Tech IPO

    Why Spotify And Tencent Music May Swap Stock

    Sonos One users can now ask Alexa to play Spotify music

    Spotify buys music recording start-up Soundtrap

    Spotify Maintains Faith in Post-Brexit U.K. With New Office

    Get a Mighty portable Spotify player for $68.80

    Spotify has brought in a new head of PR as it gets ready for a 2018 IPO

    The Amazing Ways Spotify Uses Big Data, AI And Machine Learning To Drive Business Success

    Q3 2017 Spotify  - End of an Era

    Spotify could be valued at $20 billion when it goes public and eventually hit $100 billion, study says

    Spotify launches RISE, a new emerging artist program

    2017 IPO Prospects: Spotify To Go Public Soon

    Spotify Is Offering Employees 6 Months of Paid Parental Leave — Plus $10,000 In Egg Freezing Costs

    Spotify’s Revenues Soared in First Half of 2017 (Report)

    Spotify on pace to grow revenue 40% this year, according to report

    Executive Turntable: New Hires at Spotify, Plus Moves at Warner Bros., Pandora and More

    Exclusive: Spotify's valuation turned up to $16 billion in private trades - sources

    This Is Why Spotify Is Beating Apple Music

    Spotify and Hulu are offering a combined service for students — for $4.99

    Spotify Is Coming After Apple With a New Podcast Initiative

    Spotify preps to go public with 60M subscribers, outpacing Apple

    Q2 2017 Spotify  -With a Little Help from My Friends

    Spotify just struck a crucial deal with Sony Music

    Spotify may have wider appeal than Netflix, analysts say

    Is Spotify Ready for the Big Time?

    Spotify grows its events profile with tickets from Eventbrite

    Spotify tops 140M users, revenue jumps over 50 percent

    Spotify announces 140 million users as paid subscribers approach 40%

    Here’s a Sign New York Tech Is Poised for a Deal Frenzy

    Spotify stock listing could be within a year

    Q1 2017 Spotify  -Keep on Growing

    Spotify is launching a Messenger bot for sharing song clips with friends

    Spotify and Universal Music Group announce global, multi-year license agreement

    Spotify, Apple Boost Music Business to Best Year in Two Decades

    Spotify Said to Power 114% Jump in Paid Music Subscription Revenue for 2016

    Spotify and Waze partner to play music and navigate seamlessly

    How Did Spotify Get So Good At Machine Learning?

    Q4 2016 Spotify- Paint it Black

    Drake's 'One Dance' breaks billion mark on Spotify

    You can finally control your Sonos speakers directly from Spotify

    The 10 Most Anticipated IPOs of 2017

    Taylor Swift's Music May Be Returning to Spotify

    Spotify brings soundtracks to Starz’ video streaming app

    Spotify brilliantly reveals your dirty secrets

    Ticketmaster to sell tickets on Spotify in new partnership

    Spotify could reach 100 million users and a $53 billion valuation by 2020


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